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I spend a majority of my free time here so I thought I better make it a place that was functional, spacious and cozy. 


Why 2 islands?

No matter what type of gathering it is, people always end up congregating in the kitchen.  The island on the left is for people to sit and gather around while the island in the middle serves as a buffet table.  This frees up the sink/prep area by the bay window allowing me space to move.

Favorite Features

The Wolf stove.  It really is that awesome.  

The bev fridge (island to the left) - it keeps all the drinks OUT of my fridge.

The shelves above my fridge - I decorate them for each season giving my home a warm and cozy feel.

The built-in bookshelves - there is one on each side of the center island.  The one closest to the stove is used for the essential cooking ingredients found in many dishes;  all I have to do is turn and grab.

The spice rack - less time searching for spices means less effort it takes me to prepare dinner.

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